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How to fund a casino account with Bitcoins

Replenishment is very simple:

  • on the site of the casino choose the option of replenishment through Bitcoin;
  • enter the amount of replenishment in Bitcoins. Here, the casino purse is displayed, to which you need to send the crypto currency.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the money will immediately go to your account in the casino.

Note that in the number of currencies there are only fiat currencies (only rubles, euros, dollars, as an option, other currencies can be used).

That is, after receipt of the cryptocurrency into the casino account, it will be immediately converted into the currency of your account, it is selected at the registration stage.

Is it legal?

It all depends on the position of the state with respect to the crypto currency. The following options are possible:

  • a definitive ban on crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin.
  • Such a minority, but the responsibility can go up to imprisonment. Such measures are found only in third world countries;
  • neutral attitude.
  • With the regulation of the crypto-currency, the situation is still unclear, so the operations with the crypt are looked through;
  • crypto-currencies are completely legalized. Such countries are few, but they are, for example, in Japan Bitcoin can be used in exactly the same way as the currency of the currency.

Recall – Bitcoin has no administrators, no owner, no single center that could block your wallet. So there are no restrictions on the use of this crypto currency.

For a casino, this method is also profitable, no one can block your payment. If, when replenishing an account, for example, by bank transfer, a bank can prohibit an operation or even block your card, Bitcoin will not pass such a number.

Play Bitcoin Craps Online

Over a long period of time craps was the central game in most casinos. The craps tables were surrounded by players who threw chips and jumped when they could win.

Now you can experience the same kind of excitement from your device (computer or mobile phone).

Online craps is currently one of the most popular online games in casinos, along with roulette and blackjack. The main advantage of playing online craps is that it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This gives you the opportunity to learn and understand the game before you play craps in a real casino. While playing online you can take advantage of deposit bonuses as well as try out another 70 great games.

Playing craps online with bitcoin can take some of the pressure off the game.

You can play at your own pace. Not having to worry about the noise of other players and the pressure to play quickly. The online game is quite relaxed and the best part is that there is no one around to see you lose.

You can participate in online craps tournaments which are very rare in real casinos.

By playing for free online you can also have the opportunity to play and learn without risking your money. You can learn about the strategy, the betting system, this without any risk.

For example, the Martingale betting system is one of the most famous in the world. It is one that allows you to double your money whenever you lose.

However, in a real casino this can mean that you lose $ 1,280 if you lose 9 times in a row. Already online casinos and bitcoin casinos can see which system works best for you.

To conclude, playing online craps has many advantages when compared to online gambling. Subscribing to an online casino like Bodog is very simple and if you want to play for free you can do so.

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